Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moora Fine Arts Winter School - Silver Metal Clay Weekend Workshop

The students arrived eagerly to start their workshop before nine a.m. I was ready and like them raring to go. None of the students had used metal clay before but one of them, Patsy was a silversmith, having worked with sterling silver. We had a discussion about metal clay and I showed them the various products of Precious Metal Clay (PMC3) and many samples of jewellery that I had brought to show them.
It was great to have a couple of guys in the class.
Students    Polymer practice
The students explored textures and shapes and came up with some good designs.
Dean - Pendant before firing   Dean - pendant after firing
Dean’s Pendant – before firing          …………….after firing
Patsy - hinge house before firing   Patsy - brooch
                 Patsy’s Hinge House and Brooch
Yvonne - brooch   Yvonne - pendant
                        Yvonne’s Brooch and Pendant
Tanya - Pendant   Tanya - bracelet
                      Tanya’s pendant and bracelet
Richard's ring before firing   Richard's filigree
                Richard’s Flat Band ring and filigree pendant before firing
Wendy - brooch   Wendy - pendant before firing
                                    Wendy’s Brooch and Pendant (before firing)
You can see that the students did really well and made some good pieces. I enjoyed my couple of days in Moora. Graham’s fantastic soups at lunchtime were a hit amongst us all.


Merryl said...

The students did fantastic work.

Merryl said...

The students did some beautiful worl.