Thursday, April 14, 2011

Two Rocks Volunteer Sea Rescue Group

This week has been busy with training at the TRVSRG. On Wednesday morning I went out on Sea Guardian 2 and learnt what to do in a ‘Man Over Board’ situation, how to assist the skipper in keeping a watchful eye on the person overboard, throwing a life float and retrieving a person from the sea. We practised with a big float rather than someone actually going into the water.
There was a huge ship near us, it was a ‘livestock carrier’, probably going into Fremantle to collect live sheep for export.
IMG_0002     IMG_0003
These ships are huge. they can carry up to 40,000 sheep on multi storey decks. There is a lot of controversy over way the sheep are treated on route to places such as Libya.

I also attended a night training session on Sea Guardian 2. We left Two Rocks marina and headed south. There was half a moon, so we had some light on the water and the breeze wasn’t very strong.
We motored down to the Alkimos wreck just south of Yanchep. Alkimos is named after the shipwreck of the Greek freighter Alkimos which ran aground on the coast nearby in 1963. The remains of the wreck looked pretty eerie sticking out of the sea in the moonlight. There have been several reports of ghostly footsteps and unexplained cooking smells coming from the wreck over a period of time and it is supposed to be unlucky to swim or dive near the wreck.

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