Saturday, April 30, 2011

Two Rocks Sunset

A short walk on the beach rewarded me with this beautiful sunset.
IMG_0006    IMG_0007

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun on my quad bike

Ruth and Brendon came for a visit and we took the quad bike over the dunes to a surfing spot. It was very busy, lots of traffic on the tracks and many surfers in the ocean. Vehicles were getting bogged in the sand.
IMG_0012  IMG_0018 IMG_0011   IMG_0023
IMG_0017   IMG_0016
IMG_0019   IMG_0024

Cottesloe, Sundial

Easter Sunday, Sundial at Cottesloe
I stopped in Cottesloe to have a look at the Sundial which overlooks the ocean. It was nine o’clock in the morning and you can see from the photograph the shadow was definitely on the nine. The sundial was erected in 1988 to celebrate Australia's bicentenary.
IMG_0010    IMG_0006
IMG_0009    IMG_0008   

Friday, April 22, 2011


I had lovely evening with family and friends at a local restaurant. Good Friday started off really well with my daughter, Ruth cooking poached eggs on toast with free range eggs brought by my dear friend Mary.
After family and friend left I played in the studio and relaxed. I had to go down to the marina and watch the sunset. It was a beautiful calm evening without any wind. These are a few photos I took.
IMG_0013   IMG_0005
         Two Rocks Marina                                         Boat jetty and the Two Rocks
IMG_0016   IMG_0019
                                                                       King Neptune Sculpture

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Morning Walk

Today it’s my birthday! It’s such a beautiful say, a little cooler than it has been.
I started off the day with an early morning walk down to the beach and marina.
IMG_0008   IMG_0010    IMG_0025
IMG_0028   IMG_0029   IMG_0032
Panorama Two Rocks2

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Autumn Roundup, Mullewa, WA

On Friday I drove up the Indian Ocean Road to Geraldton and then east 100kms to Mullewa. The 19th Annual Autumn Roundup took place at the local recreation centre where people had the choice of ten workshops given by tutors from all over WA. The workshops ranged from quilting, embroidery, polymer clay, sculpture and paper arts. The weekend was a great success with over 150 participants. I taught jewellery making using silver metal clay and my students who had not seen this medium before, did a fantastic job. Here are some photos from the event;
IMG_0002    IMG_0039
IMG_0014   IMG_0031
IMG_0053   IMG_0033
IMG_0044   IMG_0049   IMG_0011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Two Rocks Volunteer Sea Rescue Group

This week has been busy with training at the TRVSRG. On Wednesday morning I went out on Sea Guardian 2 and learnt what to do in a ‘Man Over Board’ situation, how to assist the skipper in keeping a watchful eye on the person overboard, throwing a life float and retrieving a person from the sea. We practised with a big float rather than someone actually going into the water.
There was a huge ship near us, it was a ‘livestock carrier’, probably going into Fremantle to collect live sheep for export.
IMG_0002     IMG_0003
These ships are huge. they can carry up to 40,000 sheep on multi storey decks. There is a lot of controversy over way the sheep are treated on route to places such as Libya.

I also attended a night training session on Sea Guardian 2. We left Two Rocks marina and headed south. There was half a moon, so we had some light on the water and the breeze wasn’t very strong.
We motored down to the Alkimos wreck just south of Yanchep. Alkimos is named after the shipwreck of the Greek freighter Alkimos which ran aground on the coast nearby in 1963. The remains of the wreck looked pretty eerie sticking out of the sea in the moonlight. There have been several reports of ghostly footsteps and unexplained cooking smells coming from the wreck over a period of time and it is supposed to be unlucky to swim or dive near the wreck.

Polymer Pendants

I have been making some new texture plates in the studio and produced some pendants that I plan to sell at a small Artist sale day at the beginning of May. I will take a few with me this weekend when I go away to teach.
This batch are just about to go into the oven to be cured. I enjoy my ‘playdays’, just claying away in the studio, trying out a few ideas.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cornish primroses

Lisa Cain of the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery sent this photo of primrose flowers on her newsletter. It made me reminisce of times when as a child I picked bunches of these flowers from the Cornish hedgerows, to take home for my mother. Now days, as here in Australia I think its illegal to pick wildflowers.


Friday, April 08, 2011

Two Rocks Volunteer Sea Rescue Group

The Two Rocks Volunteer Sea Rescue Group has been assisting the Western Australian boating public since 1991. TRVSRG is a not for profit organisation operated by those who willingly dedicate their time to provide on-the-water assistance, radio coverage, administration, finance reporting, training and maintenance of equipment
The Two Rocks Volunteer Sea Rescue Group covers the 33km stretch from Alkimos Reef to Ledge Point, with its strong volunteer base, dedicating around 7000 hours each year to make sure people get home safely.
The group operates two rescue boats from its Two Rocks Marina headquarters, with a new rescue vessel expected to be in action by the end of summer.
Our crew on the boat
I have recently joined the Two Rocks Volunteer Sea Rescue Group and went to my first rescue this week. A small craft was drifting 18 nautical miles off the coast. I joined the skipper and crew and motored for one and half hours to the stricken boat. The boat was towed back into the marina at Two Rocks. Apparently the boats batteries failed and the owners were unable to start their motor.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


These are Merryl’s copper pieces put together into earrings and pendants, they look really good.
These are some of my earrings.
IMG_0005   IMG_0007
IMG_0010 (2)

Monday, April 04, 2011

Fingerprint Jewellery a home business

The world-wide interest in making fingerprint jewellery is really taking off. Many people are keen to set up and run a home business in the fingerprint jewellery or they would like to make a personalised jewellery item in polished silver.
In my two day workshop I show people how to transfer fingerprints, a handprint, footprint or child's drawing and onto a piece of pure silver and make into a jewellery item.
These are some of the photographs of a recent class.

IMG_0010     IMG_0005
IMG_0015    IMG_0035
IMG_0031   IMG_0039