Thursday, December 23, 2010


PMC Pro has just recently been launched onto the market, the fourth generation of Precious Metal Clay™ made by Mitsubishi.
PMC Pro silver clay is significantly stronger than the other Silver Metal Clays making it the ideal choice for rings and functional components such as clasps, hinges and prongs.
PMC Pro is made of 90%silver, 10% copper alloy, water and organic binder. It has to be fired in a kiln at 760°C for 1 hour embedded in coconut shell–based activated carbon. This is because of the copper content having to be fired in an oxygen free environment. I purchased some from and made a simple flat band adjustable ring to try it out.
This is the fired ring. The left hand side has been burnished with a soft brass brush. The right side appears grey just as it came out of the kiln.
This is the ring formed on a mandrel. It is strong despite being fairly thin (3 cards thick). I’m giving PMC Pro a thumbs up and will experiment more after the holidays.

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Angie said...

Looks great. Hope to catch up after this W/E - have a good one.