Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Day

Wow! So much snow!

I hadn't skied before, but what an experience.

Enjoyed a week skiing in temperatures ranging from - 6 degrees to -20 up on top of the mountain. All a bit of a shock after leaving temps of 38 in Australia.
I was really proud of myself after skiing 6kms down a mountain on the third day and 14kms on the last day. I had numerous falls and acquired heaps of bruises. I was really scared when going so fast and out of control but it was a fantastic experience and I plan to ski again, next time in Australia.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sussex Coastline

Seven Sisters

Eastbourne Pier
Here are some pics I took on my first day here in UK. It so strange the short days, it doesnt get light till 8am and the sunsets at about 4pm. I haven't experienced a winter in England for 25yrs.
I have had to shop for some extra warm clothes and borrow some from family. At the weekend, when I left Australia it was 38 degrees. On Sunday morning I went to the beach. The sand was glaringly white, the water was turquoise and crystal clear. Now a few days later I'm walking along a shore of coloured pebbles, dressed in thick clothes, scarf, hat & gloves.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Off Travelling Again

Leaving Perth for the UK. This is the coastline looking towards Fremantle.

Playing with Clay

These are some earrings that I made when I had a play with clay about a week ago. I had arranged a playday with May Bartrum who has been spending some time in WA. Unfortunately May couldn't make it so I played on my own.