Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Its strange how life deals out the cards. I've been dealt some pretty low ones over the last 18 months, but just when I felt I'd been dealt a few more low cards, along comes the ace to bring me a high.
My brother, Alan is arriving this week to help me organise the irrigation system that waters the 2,700 citrus trees that I have on the farm. The trees have to be watered adequetely through the long Australian summer. It's a big job and one that I felt I couldn't manage on my own.
My family and my friends have been a fantastic support since I was left to manage the farm. My neice, Becky and her boyfriend, Paul have recently gone back to UK after staying on the farm and helping for 5 months. They took on the challenge of managing my market stall and carrot business extremely well and this enabled me to visit the States and attend workshops,classes and a conference with top US artists.
I have another visitor recently, a cat that mewed at my back door for 2 days, until I finally gave in and fed her. I think she may have been adandoned as she is so affectionate and gets on well with my dog Tess. The pic is of Becky and Rhonda..........we called her Roger to start with, being a lodger. Later we found he was a she, so we named her Rhonda after the Beach Boys song 'Help Help me Rhonda".

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