Wednesday, May 16, 2007


My life is in limbo at present and I feel I have lost my creative spirit.

I cannot feel passionate about my work as I used to. It may pass in time but for now I'm not enthusiastic about creating anything.


MargaretR said...

You are just tired Pam. I know your creativity will soon be back. Just don't worry and think too much about it. Relax and enjoy yourself doing something completely different for a change.

Liz said...

I agree with what Mags says, Pam. I've been going through this for the past year too... just play if you feel like it and don't feel obliged to do anything. (All I seem to do these days is reorganise my stash and stroke it!!).

joanlil said...

Sorry you are feeling so blah. Hang in there - it WILL get better.

Mel said...

oh sweetheart, sounds to me like you've burnt out a bit. No wonder, it's been a full on time for you, esp this year. I so know where you're coming from! I think all artists go through this. I've been through many bouts of inertia, no motivation to do anything creative. Enough to know to just STOP...and do something different for a while. Gardening helps me most in those times. Just like the weather, we human beings also have our's perfectly normal, in fact, 'neccessary' to slow down and hibernate, give yourself time to just 'be'. Might take a day, a month, a year...but I betcha your muse will be knocking loudly on your door once you've truly stopped for while to drink from the well...
Wish I was there, I'd pick you up and take you out to lunch somewhere where there's trees and sculptures....

Janet&Carl said...

Hi Pam
Im sorry to hear that the muse is taking a holiday. I agree with what the others have suggested take a break! looking back through yr blog i love the native dyed material


loran said...

Hello Pam,
I have been a member of one of your wonderful classes. You may not remember me. That's okay, I remember you.
Perhaps you are in a transition from one phase of your life (or inner life) and the next. More often than not they seem dark and you feel lost and alone. Our culture does not recognise such times as do some more 'primitive' cultures who are more supportive of their people. They know that we all need help through transitions and to have those around us acknowledge the changes and even conduct them through it through ritual.
No one in those societies suffers loss of identity or uncertaintly as to where they are in life.
May I say that perhaps you are in such a space now where the future seems bleak or dark. You probably remember when you have gone through other life transitions, and you always re-invnted yourself and moved forward and embraced the new you.
In the societies that honor the transitions you would be asked to sort out what is to be left behind, and you would be told of and instructed on the life you are entering. At marriage you would be told about the new role you must fill. Perhaps this is a time when you need to look at your life as it was and now see what has to change..... different patterns, different directions, what to leave behind, what attitudes and beliefs are outgrown by you, where you can find your path into a new era of you.
As surely as the seasons affect the land, and contribute to the overall good, so you have your seasons, too. The light always returns after the dark. You've come through transitions before, maybe with secret insecurity even if it was a supposedly happy time, and now you are doing it again, another transition. Dark is weaker than light... and cannot last... for it causes the darkness, and so, it is always transitory... the light always returns, does it not? Your light will return as your season of limbo is moved along by our friend, Time. The light must return, mustn't it? It always has.

Jenny said...

Thought this might get you out of "limbo" state! so, You're it! You have been tagged!

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No worries. No pressure. No time constraints - just enjoy

Sue said...

Oh, Pam, my heart went out to you the first time I read this post, and it still does on reading it again. How are you? We miss you.

Hugs, Sue K