Saturday, March 31, 2007

Chilli Book

This is a Chilli Book that I made as a gift for my brother, Alan and sister-in-law, Jackie. They just love chillis so I've given them a book containing some of my favourite chilli recipes.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Bush Dyes

Recently I got together with friends for a dyeing day. We collected various plants and leaves and boiled them up to extract the colour. Here are some results.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Our textile exhibition is coming up soon and I'm still finalising the work, making cards etc.

We set up at the gallery on Friday and some local newspapers are coming for a pic and interview. I designed this card with my work on the left, Lorelie's in the middle and Diana's on the right.

This is the back of the card. This time Diana's work is left, mine in the middle and Lorelie's right.

Spikey fish

When walking on the beach today, I nearly stepped on this...........

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Look at the size of this paella that Roz cooked us.

Hard at it in my workshop.

Had a harbour tour mainly to rest my feet after wandering around the museum and shops.

Trip to Sydney

I'm just back from a hectic few days in Sydney. I missed the flight which was a good start to the trip!!!!!!! I had to leave my car in the 'longstay' carpark, which was full when I arrived at the airport for a 6.20am flight. After being directed by obscure 'overflow' parking signs to the opposite side of the airport and trudging through sand pulling my suitcase to a shuttle bus to the terminal - I'd missed the baggage check in. The next flight was 4 hours later. This flight took me over some absolutley spectacular scenery in dry central Australia, some of the photos are above.

Then it was into a very 'green' Sydney. This photo is Sydney Olympic stadiums.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Spot is Hot

It's been 42 degrees plus today here so I just had to cool down by visiting 'The Spot'. (It's a great surfing place but there where no waves today). I went with my sister Sue, who has only been in Australia a week. She is pictured here with her new car. She was enthralled by the coloured sea sponges washed up on the beach. I took a pic of her collection.

I am off to Sydney for a few days on a teaching conference, hope its a bit cooler over East.
When I get back I have to make the final arrangements for my textile exhibition and prepare for a trip to the bush (woop woop) for a workshop.